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Bring your dog to work to lower stress; Companies that allow pooches have happier workers



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A new study supports the stress-reducing benefits of bringing your pooch to  work — to play with, look at, and pet while working.

According to a Virginia Commonwealth University study, having a dog at work  not only reduces the owners’ stress level but also increased the level of job  satisfaction for other employees as well. The study, announced Thursday, was  published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management.

“Dogs in the workplace can make a positive difference,” said head researcher Randolph  T. Barker. “The differences in perceived stress between days the dog was  present and absent were significant. The employees as a whole had higher job  satisfaction than industry norms.”

The study took place at Replacements Ltd, a service-manufacturing-retail  company located in North Carolina, which employs approximately 550 people. The  company has a dog friendly policy, similar to other  companies such as  Amazon, Ben & Jerry’s and Zynga, according to CBS News, with around 20 to 30  dogs romping through the office every day. The study took place over a period of  one work week, and subjects completing both surveys and saliva samples to  measure stress levels.

According to The Humane Society of the United States, there are numerous  benefits to having dogs at work, including improved staff morale, worker  productivity, and camaraderie among employees.

Numerous studies have shown that having a pet is a good investment for your  health. One study found that having a pet lowered your risk factors for heart  disease, and another found that dogs encourage more consistent walking and  exercise.


Luxury pet hotel opens in Chelsea Manhattan

Luxury pet hotel opens in Chelsea Manhattan

Travelers Today | By  Katie McFadden
Updated: Aug 22, 2012 01:48 PM EDT

A luxury dog hotel is set to open in New York  City.(Photo : Reuters)

A new luxury hotel with double beds and flat-screen televisions is coming to  New York City. However, it’s just for dogs.

D Pet Hotels is coming to West 27th  street in Chelsea this month. The 10,000 square feet luxury dog hotel will offer  rooms with full-size beds and flat-screen TV’s with DVD players. The hotel will  also have a doggie gym with treadmills, a lounge, a spa, a retail boutique, and  even chauffeur services to drive dogs around in Lamborghinis and Porsches.

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The boutique will sell products such as organic dog food, treats, luxury pet  beds, bowls and carrying bags. The spa offers services such as “pawdicures” and  oil treatments for dry coats. There is also a fitness service that comes with a  personal trainer and a special meal prepared by a chef that includes brown rice  with vegetables, lamb or chicken.

D Pet Hotels offers day care services as well as rooms for boarding that  range from standard suites to “ubersuites,” which have queen-size beds, 19-foot  ceilings and 42-inch TV’s for $200 a night. There are 40 standard rooms that  start at $79 a night. The luxury suites, which include TV’s and DVD players,  cost $110 a night. Pets can watch titles such as “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” and  “Fox and the Hound” on the TV’s.

A walk around the neighborhood costs $60 an hour and gourmet meals go for  $9.

“As a New Yorker, when you go on vacation, and you stay in a fabulous  hotel with fabulous services, your dog is staying in a fabulous hotel with  fabulous services,” Investor Shawn Hassanzadeh explained to Digital  Spy.

Another D Pet Hotel opened in Scottsdale, Arizona on August 15.

The company opened its first property in Hollywood and it turned out to be  very successful.

Pet hotels are becoming increasingly popular and are getting even more  ridiculous. A five-star luxury Pooch hotel, which offers dog massages,  pedicures, facials, and teeth cleaning, opened in Dallas on Aug. 18.

An eight-story pet sex hotel is coming to the Brazilian city of Bello  Horizonte. The rooms include heart-shaped mirrors, red cushions and dimmed  lighting to set the mood for doggie love.


Raising an exotic animal

We had a lot of fun last week here at the Pet Chauffeur offices with Leo the leopard!  He was a boisterous little fellow!  Check out our videos of his visit on our Facebook page.  To mark the unique experience, today’s blog is about exotic animals.

Having an exotic pet can appear to be quite glamorous, or so the celebrities who pose with them in magazines make it appear.  But is it really?  Let’s take a look at what is involved in looking after a leopard.

Habitat, range and diet
The leopard is the smallest of all big cats, i.e. tiger, lion and jaguar, and there are a number of breeds within this species, such as the African Leopard, the Sri Lankan Leopard, the Amur Leopard and the Clouded Leopard.  The leopard was once distributed across eastern and southern Asia and Africa, from Siberia to South Africa, but its range of distribution has decreased radically because of hunting and loss of habitat. It is now mainly found in sub-Saharan Africa; there are also fragmented populations in Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Indochina, Malaysia, and China. Because of its declining range and population, it is listed as a “Near Threatened” species by the Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN).

The leopard’s natural habitat is grassland and woodland which extends for miles.  Their home ranges can extend from 12-30 square miles for males and 5.8-6.2 square miles for females.  They have a very broad diet and eat anything from an antelope to insects and they mostly go hunting from sunset to sunrise.
Bearing all this in mind, how would you be able to humanely house and feed a leopard in NYC??

According to Born Free USA, the exotic pet industry is a multi-billion dollar business, but it is incredibly difficult to rear animals such as leopards in an enclosed environment when they have been used to living in a home that measured a minimum of 6.2 square miles of grassland or woodland, not to mention the problems with trying to feed them.  I mean, where can you go to stock up on fresh antelope for them to eat?? Where would you be able to take them for a walk?

Effects on wild animals living in captivity
According to the ASPCA malnutrition, stress, trauma, and behavioural disorders are common in exotic animals kept as pets. In the states where it is legal to have an exotic animal (only a few states allow this, and even then you will need a license) getting medical care is extremely difficult.  It may require a trip to your local zoo as your everyday veterinarians aren’t trained to deal with the diseases specific to animals usually found in the wild such as salmonella and herpes.

The reality is no matter how adorable an exotic animal may look, or how cool you think it would be to have one living with you, it really isn’t a good idea for you or for them.  The little that we do know about them shows that humans cannot meet their needs properly in captivity at all.

Leo is in the hands of trained experts who know what he needs and have the means to provide him with it, which is why he was such a handful for us at Pet Chauffeur!  If that wasn’t the case he may have ended up like a number of wild animals living outside of their environment do; as the majority of people who keep exotic animals cannot meet their needs, the animals end up caged, chained, or beaten into submission.  Some owners will even have an animal’s teeth or claws removed, so that the animal cannot harm the owner should an attack occur.

Outside of their natural environment, the best place for a leopard or any other wild animal is a smaller, controlled environment such as a reserve where, even though there isn’t as much room as they are used to, they can roam freely and get the specialist care and attention that they need.

Pet Airways – The first pet only airline

Travelling abroad or in the US can be quite a taxing operation with so many things to organise.  For those travelling with pets this can be a lot more problematic.  Apart from ensuring that your pet has had the right shots, has up to date health certificates etc, the safety of animals in transit is also a big issue.   How it all happened

Pet Airways  are leaders in the field of pet comfort and safety during long haul travel.  The company was born after the founders, Dan and Alysa Wiesel,  kept running into difficulty with airlines when trying to travel with their beloved dog, Zoe.  There just seemed to be no suitable way for Zoe to fly with them whenever they wanted to go on vacation.  Finally they gave up trying to convince human airlines to transport animals more responsibly and decided to take up the cause themselves.  In 2008, Pet Airways was born.

Pet Airways is the first airline that caters exclusively for animals.  With the exception of the pilots (obviously, LOL!) and pet attendants onboard, all of the passengers are of the furry variety.  The beauty of this airline is that it’s run by pet lovers for pet lovers.  Every conceivable occurrence has been thought of to ensure that pets arrive at their destination healthy and happy.


At present, Pet Airways operates domestic flights only and flies to and from the following cities: Atlanta, Baltimore/Washington, Chicago, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles/Hawthorne, New York, Omaha and Phoenix.  If you need help finding reliable international pet shippers, feel free to contact us and we will point you in the right direction.

The plane

Pet Airways uses the Beechcroft 1900 as the plane of choice for flying animals around the country.  This plane was chosen because of its impeccable safety record.  The animals all travel in the main cabin of the plane, NOT in cargo and each pet has their own container.  There is a climate-controller on board which ensures that the pets will neither be too hot or cold.

As with traditional flights, tickets  are booked online. There are different size seats to accommodate the various frames of animals who may be travelling: your pet can only travel on a given flight if the correct size seat is available.  If there isn’t a seat available on the day you want to travel,  you can either choose a different day or be put on their waiting list just in case another pet drops out.

Pets are checked every 15 minutes during the flight, or as needed and have regular potty breaks.  Everything is done to ensure that they are not distressed at any point during the flight.


As with all niche/boutique enterprises, you must expect to spend a bit more than you would on human airlines.  Fares start from $149 per animal per flight, but keep an eye out as they sometimes have sales.

It’s great to finally see the issues of animal safety during flights being addressed in this way.  It’s a relief to have the peace of mind that while your pets are out of your sight, they are being looked after by people who love them as much as you do.

Pet transportation by Pet Chauffeur can help Taxi your pets to this location.

Pet training in NYC

Imagine the scene.  It is a beautiful spring day; the sun is shining, the birds are singing and you want to enjoy a day at the park with Fido.  You grab a couple of his toys and set off to your nearest park, looking forward to spending a couple hours playing a game of fetch  and other fun things.  Once you arrive, you unclip the leash from Fido’s collar.

“Freeeeeeeeeeeeedoooooooooooooooooooooom!!!,” Fido thinks to himself and takes off like a rocket for the other end of the park.  “Fido, come back here!” you cry as you chase after him, a futile effort as your two legs are no match for his four.

The excitement of being unleashed mounts as Fido spots Fifi, the flirtatious, immaculately groomed poodle that he’d had his eye on the last time he was in the park and bounds after her.  In terror, Fifi’s owner snatches her off the ground just as Fido leaps at her and knocks them both to the ground.  “Fido, nooooooooooo!  Come here!  Fido, stop that! Bad dog!” you yell as Fido tramples all over Fifi’s owner.  “Aaaaaagghh!  Help!  Get this maniac off me!” Fifi’s owner cries.  You finally arrive and wrestle Fido off the owner and put the leash back on.  You apologise profusely but Fifi’s owner is absolutely furious.  She cusses you out and stomps off in the other direction, yelling something about a law suit

Does any of this sound a little familiar? Come on, tell the truth!  I’ve seen incidents not too dissimilar take place when out of control dogs go on the rampage.  A lot of pet owners find that their dogs tend to go a bit crazy when they are taken out of their home environment, especially when they are let off their leashes.  Others have found it difficult to train their pets, period.  You have done what you can to make your dog behave but your methods aren’t really working…what can you do?

There are a number of organisations in the NYC area that run dog obedience schools to help your pet understand how to behave in certain situations.  Having an animal in an urban setting can present its own set of unique challenges but there are things that can be done to help your pets behave appropriately.

Some organisations offer tailor made classes for your dog, others run group sessions, some even take in the psychology of your dog and help discover if there is an emotional reason for their behaviour.  But whatever the issue, there is a school somewhere in the City that can meet your needs.

Here are some of the ones that we have found.  If you know of any others  let us know and we will add them to the list.

A Pawsitive Dog Inc
A-1 K9 Intelligence Inc

ABCs of Dog Training

All Dawgs Training Services
Andrea Arden Dog Training

Anthony Jerone’s School of Dog

Bark Busters Home Dog Training
Bark Collar Store
Best Friend’s Dog Training
Best In Show Dog Training
Big City Dogs
Biscuits and Bath
Brooklyn Puppy Training
Canine Coaching
Cirius Kennels
Complete Canine Dog Training
David’s Dog Training
DingoGirl Dog Training &
Behavior Ctr.

Divine K9
Dog Almighty Training and Behavior
Counseling for Dogs

Dog Trainers of New York City
Dog training – Behavior

Dog Training by
Bob Maida

Dog Training School NY Confident
K9 Education

Dog Walking Made Easy
Doggie Academy
Follow My Lead Dog Training
Guiding Eyes for the Blind
Happy Tails Dog Behavior and

Harmony Dog Training
Innovative Reality Dog Training
and Dog Behavior

Joyful Pet Training with Maggie

K9s Best Friend
New Jersey K-9
New York Dog Trainer
NY Clever K9 Inc.
Piazza Dog School
Poochie University
Professional Dog Training by

RUFF Customers Dog Training
Sit n Stay Pet Services
Super Fit Fido Club
Tammy the Trainer
The Dog Guru, Inc.
Urban K-9 Dog Training
Vet Pet Supplies Online
Wag the Dog Urban Dog Training
Warsaw Dog Training Co.

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Client Testimonials

    Testimonial from Roberta Flack
I have depended on Pet Chauffeur for ten (10) years to help me get my pets to life saving situations. Whether the trip is long or short, my animals are always looked after with the greatest care.  It’s good to know this kind of assistance is available and on time.  Thank you David and crew for being in my life.  Even if my concerts and public appearances take me from home, I can trust Pet Chauffeur to look after the travel needs of all of the dogs and cats, who are a part of my family.  BIG THANKS!
” Testimonial from another happy client”
   About seven years ago, in late November, my dog needed major surgery at Animal Medical Center in the far E 60s, a pretty far walk from my UWS apartment. My dog was small, but never learned to ride in a bag; she was a rescue and freaked out when she was put in the bag, so I worried that she had had some kind of trauma about being shut up in places and didn’t push it.AMC called me on Thanksgiving night to let me know that she could be picked up if I wanted to come get her. I didn’t want her to have to spend one more minute there than necessary so I walked over there in a mix of light snow and rain; I thought I needed to save all the money I could for a cab ride home and didn’t even want to buy a  Metrocard. I worried about getting a cab, though. Cabs often pass people, even with small dogs, and I didn’t see many as I walked over.My dog had had a giant tumor removed from her side. She had been shaved and was stapled up from end to end like some kind of Frankenstein dog. I wrapped her in a blanket and headed out, apologizing for the weather and hoping I’d be able to get a cab somehow.Then outside the exit to the hospital I saw an orange and blue van labeled “Pet Chauffeur.” I walked up and asked the driver if he was waiting for someone. No, he had just dropped someone off. I asked how much it would cost to take me and my dog back to my apartment and it turned out I had just enough money with me. The driver took us home in the bad weather, without my dog ever having to wait in the cold rain and snow at all.I don’t have any business advice to offer Mr. Lang. I just wanted to say how much I appreciated that van being there that night and I sincerely hope he makes it through this recession storm. Good luck–

Daycare for Dogs

Picture the scene: you’ve returned home after a long, hard day at work. You turn the key in the lock and open the door. You gasp as you survey the carnage in your front room. Your possessions are scattered about the room; a couple of plant pots lie smashed on the floor with the soil trailing off in various directions on your carpet; the stuffing has burst out of your cushions, and some of your books lie in various places with ripped pages. Your heart sinks as you think you’ve been burgled, but then you spot Fido standing sheepishly in the corner with your now well chewed shoe in his mouth. It becomes clear; while you’ve been out at work, Fido has once again been going to town tearing up your house. If this sounds like the story of your life, dog day care facilities have been created with you in mind!

These facilities work just like day care for human babies. You drop your dog off in the morning on the way to work, and while you slave away, your pampered pooch is kept out of mischief! Depending on both your dog’s activity level and the curriculum set out by the day care owners, your pooch may enjoy his day by playing with other dogs inside or outside, or he may be the type to while away the hours perched on a couch, getting loving attention. Many dog day care facilities can also board your pets to ensure that they are kept happy and healthy when you are either working long hours or are out of town. You can rest assured that your pet will be in the care of people who love animals as much as you do.

The number of dogs at these facilities varies and some cater for dogs of a particular size. Trained staff keep the dogs busy with a range of activities, happily munching snacks, or even watching movies made just for the entertainment of dogs. Staff is often trained to deal with any outbreaks of aggression that might result, and have an account with a local veterinarian should an emergency arise.

Whether it’s for a few hours or the entire working day, you will never have to leave your dog home alone. Instead they will be entertained and fussed over until you are ready to collect a tired, happy dog. There are a number of dog day care facilities in Manhattan that cater for the busy individuals who would have to leave their dogs at home. Check them out and find the one that is best for your dog.

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New website launches for luxury travelers and their pampered pets

Can’t bear the thought of leaving home without your furry friend? Good news pet-lovers: a new pet-travel site just launched offering information and news about luxury hotels, travel and luxe spots that allow your pets while you’re traveling.More hotels have embraced the pet-travel trend, allowing guests and their four-legged friends to sleep in the lap of luxury while traveling. Boston’s XV Beacon Hotel (photo), three Kimpton hotels (Nine Zero, Onyx and Marlowe), and the Charles Hotel are just a few of the local hotels that are pet-friendly. Take your pet outside the city and you’ll need some help finding the best luxe home for them.

Enter: TheJetSetPets.com, the “luxury travel source for pampered pets on the go.” The site has information on destinations, transportation, products and services that are pet-friendly for travel.

USA Todayformer staff writer Kelly E. Carter launched the site. According to the paper, Carter spent a decade globe-trotting in style with her beloved longhair Chihuahua, Lucy. Lucy enjoyed all the amenities and activities as Carter, including massages and room service at luxury hotels. Carter started TheJetSetPets.com as a resource for other travelers, including updates on hotels and travel providers that offer services and amenities for pets.

A quick look around TheJetSetPet.com site and I learned a few things, too. For example, The W Los Angeles Westwood has a separate pet meal menu, The Little Nell in Aspen allows dogs of all sizes (most hotels cap the weight at 30lbs.), and Paris is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the world, allowing pets in many of its most famous museums and tourist attractions.

The site also has a social media component, The Jet Set Pets Community, that allows members to create profiles for their pets, join groups and share photos of pets on vacation.

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Readers: Do you travel with your pet? What are you recommendations for pet-friendly airlines, hotels, restaurants and companies?

Posted by Melanie Nayer   March 25, 2012 08:46 AM

De-stress your dog with ‘doga’

Life in the twenty-first century is stressful for everyone.  While spas and retreat centers for city folk are doing a roaring trade during this global recession, our four-legged friends are increasingly feeling the need for some Zen-like calm in the midst of the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Yoga for dogs, or ‘doga’ as it is also known, isn’t new but there appears to be more of a demand for combined sessions for stressed out owners and their pets.

Doga combines massage and meditation with gentle stretching for dogs and their human partners. In chaturanga, dogs sit with their front paws in the air while their human partners provide support. In an “upward-paw pose,” or sun salutation, owners lift dogs onto their hind legs. In a resting pose, the person reclines, with legs slightly bent over the dog’s torso, bolster-style, to relieve pressure on the spine.

Suzi Teitelman, a Florida-based instructor has been teaching ‘doga’ since 2002. She started it when she noticed that her dog liked to join her when she was going through her paces.  Suzi developed this into a business and says she has since trained more than 100 people around the world in doga, some from as far away as China and Japan. Disco yoga, kid yoga, beach yoga, spin yoga and yogalites are all part of her repertoire.

But how does yoga help dogs?  Can they really get the same benefits as human beings?

Animal therapist Dan Thomas is head of grooming at London’s Pet Pavilion company which introduced the scheme to the UK. He says he is amazed at the effect of the classes on the dogs taking part.  “After a few minutes even the most unruly of participants appeared to chill out, relax and become calmer,” he told BBC News Online.

Not everyone in the yoga community is comfortable with this. “Doga runs the risk of trivializing yoga by turning a 2,500-year-old practice into a fad,” said Julie Lawrence, 60, a yoga instructor and studio owner in Portland, Oregon. “To live in harmony with all beings, including dogs, is a truly yogic principle. But yoga class may not be the most appropriate way to express this.”

The fact that interest in doga is increasing indicates that lots of dog owners are finding this to be a beneficial time of exercise and relaxation with their furry friends.

Curious?  Well you can check out the doga class right here in NYC and see what you think at Doga Dog.  If you know of any others, you can drop us a line here at Pet Chauffeur and let us know.  Have fun!

Cities Will Talk to the Animals by Going Orange

By Sharon L. Peters, Special for USA TODAY
April 10th, 2011   The color orange will infuse landmarks Tuesday from New York and Philadelphia to San Francisco.
Manhattan’s Empire State Building, Chicago’s Sears Tower, San Francisco’s City Hall and Philly’s quaint quarter-mile span called Boathouse Row will be lit in orange; the famous Wall Street charging bull sculpture will be decorated in the color; and the Louisiana Boardwalk fountain in Bossier City, La., will look to be spraying orange water.

It’s the 141st birthday of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and people and groups nationwide are donning and draping the ASPCA’s signature color to “celebrate the special human-animal bond,” says Jo Sullivan, the organization’s vice president of development and communication.

School teachers and librarians will offer special-educational programs, shelters are holding special animal events, and animal-friendly businesses have devised ways to trumpet support of the day. Pet Chauffeur in Manhattan the premier pet taxi service ,will tie large orange bows on its cars,pet transportation is a big service in NYC. Petride.com 212-696-9744 is open 365 days a year.  Also Jack London Square in Oakland will display ASPCA posters.


• New York – A celebration at Union Square from 4 to 8 p.m. will feature Animal Planet personalities, a costume party and an adoption fair.

• Bossier City, La. – Louisiana Boardwalk merchants will dress themselves and their establishments in orange, eateries are concocting orange drinks, and their will be a pet costume party.

• The L.A. Coliseum – “Go Orange for ASPCA Day” will streak across the Jumbe\otron.

• Austin – The Round Rock Express minor league baseball team will make an announcement during the game, and employees will wear orange wristbands.

The efforts are an outgrowth of a Manhattan celebration last year of the New York-based ASPCA’s 140th birthday. Response to the event extended far beyond New York as supporters from all over the country e-mailed goofy costumed-pet pictures to support the day.
“It was to have been a one-time event,” Sullivan says, but organizers realized that they had “tapped into something.”

Three decades ago, valuing animals “was not on the radar” of most Americans, ASPCA president Ed Sayres says. But society has become a more animal-conscious place, he says.

More than 50,000 ASPCA orange wristbands are expected to be ordered online for the celebration (1 million are in circulation already). The ASPCA has created 10 animal e-greetings that website visitors can send to friends and family, and the group is posting several “go orange” ideas.