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Looking After Your Dogs’ Paws this Winter

How are you and your beloved pooches faring so far during this snow storm?  Several feet of snow have been dropped on the City already and it doesn’t look like it is going to let up for a while. 

While grit sprinkled on the sidewalks make it easier for humans to get around, the salt and chemicals it contains are terrible for dogs’ paws.  The salt dries them out and can cause burning, cracks or blisters which can lead to infections.

There are several things you can do to prevent this:

  • Keep an eye on your dogs’ pads.  Check for any cracks, soreness or blisters and get them treated by a veterinarian immediately if you discover any.
  • If your dog’s feet aren’t in need of medical treatment, ensure that when you go out you protect them with a heavy duty barrier such as Mushers Secret. Developed in Canada for use on sledding dogs, this product is fantastic for dogs’ paws as it provides both the protection and comfort they need in harsh weather such as ours.  
  • Wash off your dogs’ paws thoroughly when you get home.  Firstly this will ensure that any grit or ice that may be stuck between their toes gets washed away therefore preventing any ongoing damage to their pads. Secondly, if your dogs paws have come into contact with de-icing chemicals and they lick them, this could result in diarrhoea and vomiting.
  • Some people prefer to protect their dogs’ paws with dog boots.  These are a great option as dogs lose a lot of their temperature through their paws.  Investing in a pair of boots will help your dog retain body heat and reduce the risk of hypothermia.  As dogs do not normally wear shoes this may take your pooch some getting used to.  To help them out, let them practice wearing the boots around the house for a bit just to make the transition easier.

If, however, you would rather your dog didn’t walk around in such heavy snow, Pet Chauffeur will be more than happy to take your beloved pooch anywhere in the City that they need to go.  Just give us a call!


It’s a Fare Deal for Fido

     By Ralph R. Ortegas

Vicki Ungar gave up yelling, “Hey, taxi!” to go across town with Molly, her lovable cocker spaniel.”Ten taxis will pass you before one will stop. I guess most don’t like people with animals,” said Ungar, a pet hospital manager who travels to work with her pooch daily.
David Lang, owner of Pet Chauffer, picks up another fare. Ungar gets Molly there using Pet Chauffeur, one of the city’s pet-transportation companies that allow humans along for the ride. Animal lovers who travel with sizable dogs, as well as iguanas, ferrets and other exotic critters, have turned to such companies after being banned from most other modes of public transport.
Cabbies take the most heat for passing on pets, objecting because of their size and even for religious and cultural reasons. Many drivers can’t handle fur. “I’m highly allergic to cats, I choke,” said Fernando Mateo, president of the 30,000-member New York Federation of Taxi Drivers, representing livery cabs. But the biggest objection comes from the potential backseat cleanup.
“Cab drivers don’t like to stop for pets because they fear they might do their business in the car,” said David Lang, owner of the Long Island City-based Pet Chauffeur. Potty accidents are no problem for Lang, whose five-minivan fleet comes prepared for cleanups. Lang charges varying rates around town, starting at $25 for 1 to 40 blocks. He also will go out of state. Locally, owners travel free and crates are not usually required.
Ungar calls ahead to schedule her 15-minute ride to work at the Park East Animal Hospital in midtown. Drivers usually arrive early, she said, and often will tune into Molly’s favorite jazz and classical stations for the ride. Dog and owner make at least 10 trips a week, pricey for Ungar since she started taking Molly to work in January. She declined to discuss how much she pays, but explained that 12-year-old Molly has cancer. “She’s very special, and a great companion,” said Ungar, who was recently divorced. “I’ll really do anything for my dog.”
Pet movers make trips to the vet, hospital, groomers, doggie day care, airports and New York’s animal havens.
“I take a customer three times a week from Tribeca to Central Park with her giant, beautiful German shepherd, Harley!” said Larry Reilly, owner of the Manhattan-based Pet Taxi. Reilly also offers tempting excursions to grassy country settings near mountains and lakes, and provides weekend service to the Hamptons. “Reunite yourself and your dog with Mother Nature,” he urges on his Web site, “Meet other pet owners who want to give their pets a better life.”
In 1999, Gail Pierangelino, a former deli owner and groomer from Manhattan, started a one-woman pet-travel business called Petex. Ever since, she has found customers who wouldn’t travel any other way with their animals. “They have no worries,” said Pierangelino, 47. “They call me up, and I’m there. It’s like having a private car for you and your animal.”